Why rather a waldorf inspired doll?

No beep, talk, pee, knocks, but soft, unique and lovable.

Natural, unique, handmade products, made of child-safe materials.

The "Mandula Dolls" dolls feature the easily drawn face, eyes, nose and mouth indicative. It may be strange for the parents, but the kids extremely natural.

His/Her body is made of cotton and wool is stuffed. His/Her hair is also made of wool, mohair. Clothing and shoes are usually cotton or wool, knitted or sewn, or crocheted.

A relationship with the Mandula Dolls, togetherness, playing together with them has several advantages for the parents such as:

  • you support your child's attachment to the nature, to natural,
  • child's aesthetic sense is formed in a positive way, it inproves,
  • It helps to estimate and evaluate the uniqueness of human creation, 
  • encouraged to draw the attention of these values ​​and keep treasured,
  • you help your child's magination to freely fly,
  • it is safe for your child to feel free to express his/her feelings freely, and it help him/her to creat an own magical world, 
  • it helps you understand your child's feelings by just watching the game,
  • the  child's feelings are revealed by the doll. Because the doll's feelings are the same. That's how you will understand your child without words - because the doll always tells the truth


Spiritual Background


The doll is one of the most importatnt toy of our children. Even from a very early age, it plays a great role in their lifes. The doll is their alter-ego. While playing with it, the kids re-live and process the events happened to them. So it does matter whether a soft, warm, comforting, round shapes judge, unique baby is in the hands of your child with who he/she identify with, or it is an industry made bulk product, made of rigid plastic. A gentle face allows children to use their imagination, so they can identify their own feelings and in this way to process their feelings. The doll can be sad, happy, scared, angry, naughty. It won't force your child to feel something, which is not naturally coming out of him/her while playing. The child can feel what he/she is really feeling, let his/her imagination unfold

With the help of the dolls girls usually become mothers, while boys playing the role of dads. Remember: boys do really love playing with dolls!

Wool and cotton will get the scent of your home which makes the child feel good while playing. Wherever he plays with the doll, it let him feel the scent of home, sweet home, which is very helping, heartening for him.

Taking care of babies

These dolls have souls, so they require attention and good care. But they worth caring because during normal use they can be trans-generational toy. They can be inherited by your child's child, and so on.

If necessary, it can occasionally be bathed. Without clothes, in cool water, tamp gently until the dirty part disappears. Hanging or lying (frequent rotation), dry it quickly, so that the wool within can dry out quickly. After bathing, the face needs to be coloured again. I use Stockmar beeswax bricks chalk. This chalk is composed of all natural materials. How to do: You colour a piece of cloth or handkerchief with the chalk, and apply it to the doll's face, like a make up.

Only your imagination can limit

Its size is ideal to become an everyday companion of children. Can be carried in hand, fit in the stroller, as well as in a small backpack or basket - the doll can accompany your child almost everywhere.

Since it's a dress up doll, you can make him/her new clothes. Generally, they are derssed up in clothes which are adequate to the actual season: in summer light summer clothes, in winter: coat or knitted sweater. If you can knit or sew, you can easily fill up his/her wardrobe. A talented friend, cousin, aunt or grandmother will surely be happy to prepare a few new pieces. For Christmas or for birthday with a new clothes or an accessory for the doll you can cause great happiness to the kids. Not to mention the fact that it also helps relatives when it comes to gift giving. Older relatives are welcome to join in, as playing with textile dolls can be nostalgic for them. They can prepare clothes and accessories filled with love and cherished for a long long time by your child. Dads and other male relatives, friends can make furniture for the doll. So as he/she can sleep in a bed, eat at a table, and put the dresses.